As the holiday season comes to an end I wonder if your skin has changed over the holiday break?? Is it looking fresher, brighter and generally healthier? Being outdoors  and more active during the holiday period generally leads to a more lustrous skin, now as work looms over us and our ever friendly air conditioning that saves the day by keeping us comfortable whilst working, could actually be working against us. ..... in terms of keeping that lustrous holiday skin!









As it is difficult to change your working environment, you can make some small changes that will keep the L in Lustrous for you this working year.

  • have large bowls of water around the office (in conspicuous places is always good)
  • open windows where possible
  • take regular breaks outside
  • avoid cigarette smoke when you finally do make it outside
  • apply moisturiser every morning before going to work
  • spritz the face with Jane Iredale D2O cool, refreshed and hydrated - perfect over makeup
  • have techniques available to deal with stressful situations such as 10 slow deep breaths in the bathroom!

Some great products to hydrate the skin before your day at work are:

  • Osmosis Immerse Serum - 1 pump on its own, or with any other serum/moisturiser
  • Osmosis Quench Moisturiser - 1-2 pumps morning and night
  • To enable the above products to penetrate deep into the skin, it is always recommended that we exfoliate our skin at least once a week to give us smooth, soft and supple skin that absorbs products effectively.
  • For people who have sensitive skins or don't like physical scrubs, you will love the Osmosis Polish

Do you have any skin tips/tricks that keeps your skin looking fabulous??

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X Sarah Wilkinson