I talk a lot about protecting our skin from the sun. Yes we do need Vitamin D but did you know that as little as 15 minutes in the morning or afternoon sun is all that is required for your daily Vitamin D. This of course needs to be on skin that does not have sunscreen. My arms and legs are my source of Vitamin D I choose not to put my face in the sun due to a small amount of melasma (hormonal pigmentation) under my left eye that I have had for over 10 years. I manage this by wearing a mineral sunscreen daily and our EnlightenMe Brightening Serum. Sunscreen is not a complete block out too, only a hat will stop rays in the tracks. Also, remember to reapply, the SPF rating refers to the TIME that you have of being protected from the sun, not the level of protection. So a SPF 50 will protect you longer before having to reapply, rather than providing you with more protection. There is approximately only 2% protection difference between a SPF 30 and SPF 50!

So, lucky hats are in fashion and we have an endless supply to choose from.  

Here are some of my Summer favourites so far for the Summer of 16/17

ASOS oversized straw hat with crochet insert  

asos straw hat

The Iconic Gwen Hat

iconic gwen hat

Mon Amour Linen Sunhat

mon amour hat

Camilla and Marc Far Away Eyes Hat

c and m hat

Seed Heritage Pleated Raffia Hat

seed raffia hat


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