I am the biggest fan of Osmosis, so naturally you can understand how excited I was when I heard Osmosis is bringing out Osmosis MD! Osmosis MD provides a comprehensive skincare solution combining the Osmosis best selling products from the core brand and the highest-level of active A serums to deliver proven results. If you love Osmosis, you will love Osmosis MD. There is a higher percentage of vitamin A in the Osmosis MD products, therefor delivering a higher dose of vitamin A to your dermis to achieve desirable positive skin change/improvements. I will continue to sell the Osmosis Core range on my website www.skinmatrix.com.au, but I will also offer Osmosis MD.

Try the Osmosis MD Starter Kit - a fantastic way to sample the range whilst saving money! Choose the kit for your skin type. Click here to check out their Osmosis Kits Stay tuned for more info on Osmosis MD coming soon. As always, Happy Skin Days, Sarah Wilkinson www.skinmatrix.com.au