Osmosis have just released a new technology with their Stem Factor Serum. I have always steered towards the TNS Recovery Complex due to their research/data and actual results. But I am interested in trying this new formulation to see what I truly think about this new Osmosis Stem Factor Serum. I find for the best anti-ageing routines will contain a growth factor serum, a vitamin A serum, Niacinamide (vit b) and c Serum and the Rejuva3 Elite Device for home rejuvenation. This is where my clients see the best results. If you have tried this new formulation and would like share your thoughts please do below. View the Osmosis Stem Factor Serum osmosis stem factor chart                                                       Have a question about this topic? Or have a totally different question that you would like me to answer? Please email me here: [email protected] Want advice with your Skin Care? Not sure which products are best for you? Complete our Matrix Program, an online skin care consultation for professional advice. Happy Skin Days, Sarah Wilkinson