What are these pesky white hard lumps under the skin? Their official name is "Milia".

They are hardened balls of keratin that are basically trapped between the bi layers of your skin. They seem like hard white lumps under the skin. They do not sit in your oil (sebaceous) glands, so are an entirely different skin condition to acne/problematic skins. They like to present themselves on the upper cheeks, around the eyes, edges of the nose, cheeks and less commonly on the other areas of the face. They can grow to 1-2mm in size.

From my experience the only way to get rid of Milia is to book in with an Aesthetician (Skin Specialist) who has experience in Milia removal and get them professionally removed. I strongly advise against attempting to squeeze them out your selves as you will only damage the surrounding skin in the process. As they sit between the bi layers of the skin, they do not have a natural exit point, so you will squeeze and squeeze to the point where you start to remove the surrounding skin. Milia is one of my specialties! Just so you know what to expect when you see your Aesthetician. The skin will be:

  • - Cleansed
  • - Exfoliated for a more efficient Milia removal - I use the Skin Matrix AHA Exfoliating Scrub - jojoba beads effectively exfoliate the skin whilst our signature AHA blend keeps pores clean and clear.
  • - Then I lance the Milia ever so slightly to allow an exit point, then the Milia can be lightly pressed out
  • - Serum or mask applied to reduce redness and promote healing

Typically you will only be left with a pin prick for approx 24-48 hours. There is no major redness or inflammation post Milia removal. Milia extractions is not a painful process, you may feel the odd prick here and there, but it is something that I really recommend as it is quick and very effective. You can book your appointment online or call 1300 455 792. 

Why are Milia formed in the first place?

It's all well and good to remove the Milia, but it is very important to know why you are getting them so you can prevent recurrence.When you have your Milia extracted. Ask your Aesthetician to give you a skin diagnosis so he/she can advise you where you are currently having imbalances in the skin.

One of the most common reasons people get Milia is due to an Omega 3/essential fatty acid deficiency, both in the skin and diet. I put my clients on fish oil/omega 3 capsules and an essential fatty acid serum to create balance in the skin with the Osmosis Immerse or Skin Matrix Ultra Dry Moisturiser. These are both suited for ALL skin types and is very well regarding amongst industry professionals for maintaining the healthy balance between lipids and water in the skin. Feel free to ask me any questions you have on Milia! 

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Osmosis Immerse

You can book your appointment online or call 1300 455 792.

Happy Skin Days!

Sarah Wilkinson


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