Winter is here and itchy dry skin is in full force. Our skins love nourishment all year round especially in Winter when our skin is more susceptible to dehydration heaters, wind, and the cool weather.

With an abundance of skin hydrators on the market, there is one in particular that really stands out. Not only for its hydrating benefits but also for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties.  Coconut oil for Skin and Hair has increased in popularity over these past years and for very good reason. I have had a few bouts of hives in the past, hopefully that is in the past now, but I found straight up Coconut Oil my secret weapon against the itch and the redness. I used cortisone cream as directed by my Doctor but thought I would try Coconut Oil (yep the stuff you use to cook with!) on another night when the itch was in full force. Low and behold I found it had the same results as the Cortisone Cream and it gave me the same amount of time between applications before the itch became intense again that I needed to reapply. I haven’t looked back since. Not recommending anyone to go against their Doctors recommendation for skin irritations like hives, but it’s good to know that there could be another option to use in conjunction if you test it for yourself and see the results it gives.
Organic Coconut Oil is from a natural source. The use of Coconut oil and its amazing properties has been around for hundreds of years.

The Benefits of Coconut oil go far beyond cooking, oil pulling or as Black Chicken Remedies call it, “Oil Swishing” is a process of swishing the oil around in your mouth on an empty tummy for up to 20 minutes (I suggest to build up to this time frame). It absorbs harmful toxins and bacteria, then you spit it out leaving whiter teeth and a fresher breathe and less toxins to boot! This however is done alongside of normal brushing and flossing.

Some brands are incorporating this fabulous ingredient into their Hair Care and Skin Care Products. Organic Coconut Oil has great antifungal and antibacterial properties and as I mentioned already is very nourishing.

We proudly stock the following products containing this wonderful ingredient:


Hair Care ~ Cocnut Tree

Great to detangle the hair and leaving it so soft and healthy, it helps dandruff by locking in moisture to the scalp and adding shine to the hair.  

To have luscious, smooth silky hair that also stimulates hair growth, a must have is a regime using Coconut Tree Shampoo, Coconut Tree Conditioner and Coconut Tree Leave in Conditioner. These three products used together is the ultimate in hair treatment, and will not leave hair greasy, mine only feels soft and smooth when I use them, a warning though, try not to eat your hair because while using these products and after, the smell is delicious!

Skin Care

Black Chicken Love your Body Oil

You’re looking at the original remedy that started Black Chicken Remedies. Created to replace a multitude of nasty products found in most bathrooms, this nourishing multi remedial oil contains nothing but the best natural ingredients.

This intensely invigorating formula calms the mind and delivers nutrients deep into the skin. People who use our Love Your Body Oil say they’ve never experienced such a hydrating product. Their dry skin is a thing of the past, they love its scent and can’t believe how well it locks in moisture all day.

Contains only natural ingredients | Vegan friendly and not tested on animals | Made with Love in Australia

Shop it here.

Black Chicken Balm of Ages

This wonder bar can be used for many concerns - it does it all;

•  Soothes itchy and irritated skin
•  Nourishes chapped lips
•  Diminishes the appearance of bruises
•  Makeup remover
•  Relieves and heals the symptoms of eczema
•  Soothes sunburn and rashes
•  Deeply nourishes hair, beards and scalp
•  Reduces the appearance of minor scars and stretch marks

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It Contains only natural and certified organic ingredients |  Does not contain synthetic fragrances | Contains pure essential oils and botanical extracts |  Made with love in Australia


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