Who doesn’t love a good mask!?

Its like bringing a little but of your salon experience into your own home, pampering and nourishing the skin and the soul. It makes one feel super proactive for taking care of their most precious asset their skin health.
With some great masks available from sheet masks, to clarifying masks and hydrating masks, there are many to choose from. We are sharing our top favourite masks as chosen by our customers over the last half a year.


Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Retinol Peel: This is the mask you want to have in your arsenal of tricks to tackle sun induced ageing, acne, dull and sallow skin. Retinol and glycolic acid combine in this powerhouse night time rejuvenation treatment which targets stimulation of collagen and elastin whilst smoothing fine lines. Apply to the skin after cleansing 2 times a week. No need to use a moisturiser on top.

beauty sleep power peel

Cosmedix Clear Clarifying Mask: This mask takes on blemishes head on with its blends of salicylic acid and sulphur. Salicylic acid literally dissolves that oil build up right in your pore whilst sulphur and mineral assist in supporting the skins immunity and healing. A great mask to tackle acne and blemishes. We recommend using once a week as a mask, you can use more often, even daily if this skin tolerates it ok. You can also use as a nightly spot treatment for individual spots. Wash and remove in the morning. Reduce usage if you get sensitive or any irritation.

Cosmedix Restore Mask: Enzymes and essential fatty acids get to work on restoring vital hydration to the deeper layers of the skin. I love this mask post peel, in clinic treatment and for anyone with a normal to dry skin once a week. Apply the mask and leave on for up to 15 minutes and then remove and apply your moisturiser. Alternatively you can leave on over night and wash off in the morning. Papaya Fruit Extract gently exfoliates whilst sodium hyaluronate, mango seed butter and squalene plump and restore vital nourishment to the skin.

Skin Matrix C-Bright Sheet Mask: Perfect pre-party/special occasion mask or as part of your weekly skin care regime. Feed the skin Vitamin C and Vitamin E to squelch free radicals in the skin. Licorice, bilberry and bearberry target pigmentation and brighten the skins complexion. Skin is also gently exfoliated with AHAs lactic and citric acid. Don’t forget hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate! Refine, feed and hydrate.

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