That time of year is upon us, late nights, social occasions, work Christmas Parties, and the big one, New Years Eve. I have compiled my top 5 skin care tips for new years so you can get through December and to the 31st with glowing skin. I would normally recommend lots of regular sleep, good food and exercise in my skin tips blogs, but on this occasion this is not going to be very relevant.  

Our regular glowing skin habits go right out of the window in December the festive month. Everyone wants glowing skin to bring in the new year, we can't let any last minute skin imperfections get in the way of us bringing in the new year with a smile. We all have a lot happening in the New Years Eve Month, so lets keep this simple and effective. Here are my top skin care tips for New Years Eve

1. If you have a spot that has come to a head 3-7 days before New Years Eve, you can gently press it out with tissues wrapped around your finger tips (not your fingernails, actually the sides of your fingers – no nail marks please). If the spot is there 2 days or less before New Years Eve – leave it. Seriously it will start to go down before the big night, popping now you will have a nightmare concealing the open blemish area. If you have a good blemish mask or blemish serum – spot treat once – twice a day. No more than this as you can actually cause flaking and reddening in the area which is again harder to cover.

2. Exfoliate the skin on New Years Eve, this will remove dull and sallow dead skin cells that need to go! Create the ultimate smooth skin surface for that air brushed sleek and fresh look. 

3. Use a Mineral Make Up Primer for the ultimate skin care tip for New Years Eve. It doesn't matter what is happening on the day, a mineral primer (not chemical. chemical primer = breakouts and suffocates the skin) will prep and prime the skin so that your make up will glide on effortlessly. Pores will look smaller, blemishes will be much easier to cover, the skin will look fresh and your make up will have a healthy base for you to apply all your other make up goodies on top.

4. Let the eyes do the talking. Create a simple dramatic and elegant eye with an eye shadow shimmer. Anyone can apply these. I use the Jane Iredale Large Shader Brush to apply mine. I Spritz the end of the brush with the Jane Iredale Pommist Facial Spritz and then lightly dab into the pot of 24kt dust. Then dab on the eye lid area. Gentle shimmer that is not over the top, as light or as heavy as you like. You can also use with the Jane Iredale Angle Brow Brush and apply as eyeliner. 

5. The best skin care tip for a glowing skin on New Years Eve is plenty of rest the night before, lots of water on the day and a big smile!


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